Paris 2024 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Seine River

The opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games will take a dramatic twist that will leave you speechless. 

The grand spectacle of the opening, traditionally held in an Olympic stadium, will be held at the luxurious Seine River–A Unique Stage for Olympic Greatness.

On July 26, 2024, thousands of athletes worldwide will parade along the Seine, the iconic river that gracefully winds through the heart of Paris, the City of Light.

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A New Era of Games Unfolds on the Waves of the Seine: Breaking Boundaries at Paris 2024

Paris 2024 is all set to revolutionize the Olympic Games! 

It promises many innovations, from the debut of breakdancing to new formats and disciplines in existing sports.

Witness a historic shift in tradition at the Seine River with the astonishing relocation of the Opening Ceremony from the stadium to the Seine.

Athletes from every corner of the globe will embark on a breathtaking journey along the Seine, with the world watching in wonder. 

The cruise will begin from Austerlitz bridge, beside the enchanting Jardin des Plantes, and will traverse the heart of Paris.

It will pass by the enchanting Île Saint-Louis and the Île de la Cité, all while sailing under eight to ten iconic bridges and gateways.

The parade will take in the grandeur of official Games venues such as the Palace de la Concorde, the Esplanade des Invalides, the Grand Palais, and finally, the Iéna Bridge, where the grand finale will unfold before the Trocadéro.

A New Spectator Experience of the Olympics at the Seine River

A New Spectator Experience of the Olympics at the Seine River
Image: Olympics.com

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is now accessible to all. 

Most spectators along the upper quays will have the chance to witness the magic for free. 

For those who want to secure a premium view along the lower quays, spanning from the Austerlitz Bridge to the Iéna Bridge, tickets will be available.

The grandeur of this event will be hard to miss, with approximately 80 giant screens and strategically placed speakers ensuring that the enchantment of the ceremony reverberates throughout the French capital. 

Hundreds of thousands of spectators, from locals to visitors from all over the world, will become part of the spectacle, making this Opening Ceremony the most inclusive in Olympic history.

With Seine River Cruises temporarily unavailable to the public during the summer Olympics, this is your exclusive opportunity to savor the same journey that athletes and performers will embark on as they glide along the enchanting Seine River.

A Journey of Olympic Proportions at the Seine River

As Paris 2024 chooses the Seine River as its stage for the Opening Ceremony, it guarantees an event like no other. 

With the majestic boats and celebratory spirit, it’s not just an Opening Ceremony; it’s a celebration of French culture, history, and the spirit of Olympism. 

The Seine River cruise companies (Bateaux Mouches, Bateaux Parisiens, Canauxrama Batobus, Vedettes de Paris, Vedettes du Pont Neuf) provide a stage for crafting a unique experience for all to create a lasting impression.

Olivier Jamey, President of the Paris Port Community, beautifully sums it up: “The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony offers the opportunity for river companies to join together as an impressive team to bring the first and most original Olympic medal to France.”

Whether you’re an athlete or a spectator, experiencing the Seine River Cruise on this extraordinary event in 2024, at the heart of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, is a dream come true.

It is at the iconic and breathtakingly beautiful Seine River that luxury meets history.

Join us as we redefine tradition, break boundaries, and celebrate the Olympics in the heart of Paris, along the iconic Seine. See you on the Seine in 2024!


When can I buy tickets for the 2024 Olympics?

The ticket sales for the 2024 Olympics Paris will begin in February.

Single tickets can be purchased starting May 11, and general ticket sales will open later in 2023. 

With only 10 million tickets for Paris 2024 Olympics, a lucky draw will be conducted.

How to get tickets to Paris Olympics 2024?

Tickets for Paris 2024 Olympics will exclusively be sold online through the official ticket platform, marking the first-ever online-only ticket sales for the event, accessible globally. 

Of these, one million tickets will start at just €24, covering all Olympic sports.

 Where is the 2024 Olympics?

The 2024 Summer Olympics, also known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, will be held in Paris, France.

The Opening ceremony of the Olympics 2024 will be held at the Seine River, creating an Olympic history.

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