How Long Does It Take?


Without a doubt, if you are in Paris, then one of the most convenient, fun, and exciting ways to explore the city and enjoy its abundant beautiful sights is by taking the Seine river cruise. 

But you may be wondering how long is the Seine river cruise. It is crucial to know the duration so that you can plan your visit and the particular day accordingly. 

The typical Seine river sightseeing cruise follows the same route or circuit, typically starting and ending in Paris. 

Cruises usually do a round-trip to Rouen, Caudebec-en-Caux o Honfleur. The endpoint of the Seine river cruise is generally a walking distance from the Eiffel Tower where all ships dock. 

The typical Seine River Sightseeing Cruise lasts around 1 hour. However, you can find private tours that last as long as two to two and a half hours. 

Apart from this, you may spend 15-30 minutes onboarding the cruise and a couple of minutes at the time of docking. 

If you go for the Seine river lunch cruise, it will typically take you around 2 hours. The same is true for a typical Seine river dinner cruise.

 If you want to go all out and spend a significant time on board enjoying the sights and feasting on some delicious food then picking a Gourmet Dinner Cruise on the Seine river is apt for you. 

This whole extravaganza would take around 4 hours and include fantastic live music to go along with the beautiful sights and mouth-watering food. 

But some of the longer cruises usually aren’t available in the morning. So, read about the Seine river Cruise timings to get more detailed information on it. 

Thus, the usual Seine river cruise can last around 1 to 1.5 hours. And these generally cover most of the iconic sites.

If you go beyond the typical cruise and pick an activity along with the cruise such as dinner, lunch, music, etc. It can take you anything from 2 to 4 hours. 

If you are confused about what Seine river cruise to pick, worry not! You can read which cruise is best for you to decide better.

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